Sarah Mangle | Bio and artist statement - Sarah Mangle
Bio and artist statement


Every day I draw myself into being.

I find power in the immediacy of creating the mark, or writing the word. I love the language of interaction, like the imperfect movements most of us make while dancing, or the hand gestures we use while telling a good story to a friend.  This potent imperfect energy is reflected in the forms my work takes, how my drawings appear and the energy I bring to my writing.

My work is populated by flawed and beautiful characters. It captures the personality or attitude of a subject and emphasizes emotional content and mood over realistic likeness.

The shapes I make are deliberately accessible. The warm colours, simple forms and strong composition of my drawings recall the popular television, comics and illustration of my childhood, namely Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street, the Peanuts Gang, and Quentin Blake.

I rebel against the notion that fine art must be obscure – that the meaning must be hidden in order for it to be valuable. I want an open line of communication with my audience.

I draw to create companionship for myself and to create companionship for others. I make work that feels good and brings comfort.